Disney’s XXX Secrets

"Disney is famous for its family-friendly themes. You won’t find even a hint of grown-up material in their films… right?

Wrong! Over the years, several of their classic movies have aroused controversy because of their supposed adult-only allusions. Be it references to sex, drugs, depictions of genitalia or even racial slurs, many Disney flicks have been accused of crossing the line.”


The scandal: In the scene in Aladdin where the titular hero is trying to sneak into Princess Jasmine’s bedroom (which is already kinda raunchy), he whispers in her pet tiger Rajah: “Good teenagers, take off your clothes”.

But did it really happen?
Nope. Aladdin actually says “Come on… good kitty, take off and go”. Which some nutjobs misheard as a reference to adolescent promiscuity. As you do.

Sex in the sky of The Lion King

The scandal: As Simba slumps on a cliff next to Timon and Pumbaa, a pile of dust flows from beneath him and into the night sky. At regular speed the scene is innocent, but when played in slow motion, the dust appears to spell “sex”.

But did it really happen?
Hard to say, though the dust definitely looks like it was animated to intentionally form letters. Some believe it actually spells “SFX”, an industry acronym for “special effects”.

A topless woman hides in the background of The Rescuers

The scandal: As our two mousey heroes travel in their makeshift airplane, a photorealistic image of a topless woman can be seen in the window of one of the buildings they pass by.

But did it really happen? This one’s actually true. Scandalous! If you play the scene back in slow motion and freeze-frame the shot, you can clearly see the offending boobies. Disney subsequently issued a recall of the home video version in 1999.

Jessica Rabbit sans underwear in Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The scandal: The already racy Who Framed Roger Rabbit is rumoured to include a scene where Jessica can be seen without underwear. As the foxy ‘toon is thrown from her car, her private parts are apparently flashed in two frames as she gets up.

But did it really happen? Hard to tell. The offending frames do look different from the ones surrounding them, but not different enough to clearly depict nudity.

Toy Story’s Woody “envies” Buzz Lightyear’s “laser”

The scandal: As Sheriff Woody becomes increasingly jealous of Andy’s new toy Buzz Lightyear, Mr Potato Head quips that Woody is suffering from “Laser envy”, alluding to Siegfried Freud’s theory of “Penis envy”.

But did it really happen?
Yep, Potato Head clearly says this in the film. Though adults would have picked the saucy reference, it would likely have gone completely unnoticed by most kids.

Alice’s drug trip to Wonderland

The scandal: Disney’s adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic has long been rumoured to be an ode to the joys of being high on drugs � specifically opium (what did you think the Caterpillar was meant to be smoking?).

But did it really happen? Unknown. Though Alice’s experiences in Wonderland are bizarrely surreal, and “going down the rabbit hole” is actually slang for taking drugs, and she even eats a mushroom that has unusual side-effects, no one knows for sure if these allusions were intentional.

Snow White’s seven dwarfs represent the stages of cocaine addiction

The scandal: Though the film is based on a classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, it was Walt Disney who named each of the seven dwarfs, with some believing he modeled them after the seven stages of cocaine addiction.

But did it really happen? Nope. Though drugs can induce various “stages” of addiction, they aren’t really as clear-cut as the dwarfs’ very distinct personalities. And if the rumor was actually true, what stage of addiction would “Doc” represent, anyway?

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